Bluestacks App Player

“BlueStacks App Player allows you to enjoy your favourite mobile apps on your pc without needing a last generation phone. Install Android apps on your PC with BlueStacks App Player. Already enjoys Bluestacks for Windows 10.


What is BlueStacks App Player?

BlueStacks App Player is one of the most well-known Android emulators for pc on the world. This software allows you to run mobile apps on your computer without having a Smartphone. With BlueStacks app player, you can enjoy your favourite apps on your pc as you can do on your mobile phone. And, the best of all, start BlueStacks download is totally free.

download bluestacks app player

How to install BlueStacks App Player on your pc?

To install this Android emulator you have to download it from its official website Click on the right option of BlueStacks download according to your operating system (Windows or MAC). Once it has downloaded, run the downloaded file. You only have to follow the wizard to install BlueStacks for PC on your computer, and you will have the Android emulator installed on your pc in a few minutes. With the use of emulators of Android you can use apps on your PC as if you were using WhatsApp for Samsung in your smartphone.

Is quick and easy, do not expect more to test Bluestacks App Player on your computer.

Bluestacks download and how to install bluestacks app player free

How to get apps with BlueStacks download?

Once BlueStacks for PC is installed on your computer, set it up clicking on icon for start BlueStacks app player that you have on your desktop. The following step is to search the app you want using the magnifying glass icon that appears in the upper left part of the window.

apps on Bluestacks App Player with bluestacks for windows 10

The first time that you use this Android emulator, they ask your e-mail account, type it and you can start to search apps. Download the best apps with BlueStacks app player.

As you can see, the social networks Facebook and Twitter are apps downloaded by default in this Android emulator. So, you do not need to install these apps.

Start Bluestacks for Windows 10

Now that you already have the emulator to PC you can install Android applications in Windows 10 by following these simple steps.

Type the name of the application and choose the desired option from the icon options that appears on the screen, and finally click on the button “Install”. If the app that you are searching does not appear, you can find it clicking on “Search Play” icon located in the lower left part of the window. Search your favorite apps in BlueStacks app player.

search play apps free in bluestacks for PC app player

The app will be installed in few minutes. Go to “All Apps” section, and you will see the app icon you have just downloaded.

all apps available in app player

Now you can start using the app whenever you want. In some apps, the first time that you click on the app icon, you will have to fill some required data, normally your name, your phone number, your e-mail account, etc. Once you have done this step, you can enjoy your favourite app on your pc.

With start BlueStacks for PC you can install all the apps you want:

  • game apps

  • instant messaging apps

  • social networks

  • photo editing apps

  • and you will always have at your fingertips on your “All Apps” section

Remember that some apps are not multi-devices, such as WhatsApp. That means, the app can only be used on one device. In these cases, you must use another number phone when you install the app on your computer to keep it running the app on your mobile phone (long as you have a Smartphone and have it installed that application). You can get phone numbers in FonYou or simply use the number of a prepaid card that you can get for very little money at any phone company.

The best applications with Bluestacks app player

  • WeChat for PC

  • WhatsApp for PC

  • B612 selfies

  • Candy Crush Soda or Candy Crush Jelly Saga the famous candy games

  • Clash of Clans or Clash Royale games developed by Supercell