WhatsApp for PC

“How to download WhatsApp for PC in your computer with Bluestacks 2. Install WhatsApp for PC in few minuts.”


What is WhatsApp for PC?

WhatsApp for PC: the best messaging application on your personal computer. There is no official version of WhatsApp for PC, but it is true that the application has a web version in order to use the app from your computer, provided that we have the mobile connected to be able to synchronize the application with the PC.

The web version of this app messaging does not work independently.

Whatsapp for PC

WhatsApp to PC can be installed on the computer thanks to emulators Android as Bluestacks app player or the new version Bluestacks 2. In order to enjoy WhatsApp for PC in our computer, we need to install Bluestacks 2 on our PC.

How to download WhatsApp for PC from Bluestacks 2

To download WhastApp for PC from Bluestacks 2 you only have to install previously the emulator on our computer. Then we can find WhatsApp from the search box of Bluestacks, located at the top left of the emulator. From there we can find any app for Android that we want to download on our PC.

The operation is very simple, we just need to set up a Gmail account to be able to access the App Store, as if we were using a mobile phone with Android system. The steps to follow are as simple as entering our gmail account and password.

Now that we have the Gmail account configured we can already download WhatsApp for PC from the emulator.

Configure WhatsApp PC from the Android emulator

Once this is done we can download WhatApp for PC in our computer. At the end of the download the settings of WhatsApp is identical to if the installation was performed from a Smartphone. We request the cell phone number that we want to use to register the app messaging and the country code where we are. It is important to know that if we have installed WhatsApp for Android on a mobile phone, to install WhatsApp on your computer will not be able to use the same phone number.

We can use a cell phone number of a line that we are not using or request virtual numbers with services such as Fonyou, or other online services that we provide mobile numbers totally free, so you can use them with this type of applications.

Be able to use WhasApp PC with large screen of our computer is my comfortable. In addition to using the keyboard of the PC we can write and send messages faster. Without forgetting that display the pictures or videos that we share from the app chat, will now be much more pleasant thanks to the larger size of the screen of the PC.

Do not wait any longer to be able to enjoy this messaging application on the computer. Send text messages, photos or videos and share from home with your PC.